Dental Hygiene in Montebello

Philippines-Dental-Care-Services2-1When it comes to dental hygiene, many people tend to think that they have it all figured out. We brush our teeth daily and for some people even after every meal. Unfortunately after that we completely forget all about our teeth. While brushing is a basic rule to oral hygiene we all follow it certainly is not enough as proven by statistics.  Even in a city like Montebello with top dental healthcare centres like Montebello Dental Group, oral hygiene is still a problem.

A report by the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) on oral hygiene carried in the period 2007-2009 had some shocking figures. It found that up to 12% of all Canadians avoided food of some kind due to complications in their mouth and more specifically their teeth. Also, more than 12% of Canadians were found to have felt pain their mouth within the previous year. The statistics were even worse for children with about 57% of them between 6-11 years having had cavities. In addition to that, a apple and toothmore recent report on children by Toronto Public Health found that the rates of cavity infection have been increasing steadily. Such statistics beckons us to re-examine our oral hygiene habits. It is thus important to note bad dental habits so as to protect you and your family from cavities and other dental related problems.

To keep cavity away we must first know what cavity exactly is. The cavity is by definition bacteria in your mouth that feed on ‘leftover’ food in your mouth and then produce acid. This acid coupled with food debris and also saliva forms what is known as plaque. The process occurs about 20 minutes after your meal. Plaque then hardens to form a hard substance called tartar which is tough to deal with. If not taken care of, plaque and tartar can eventually degenerate to diseases like gingivitis and periodontists.

It is also important to note that starchy foods are the most likely to cause gum problems. This is because they tend to stick to the tooth’s surface thus leading to the formation of plaque. Starchy foods or carbohydrates are very common in meals, but it is sugary foods like candy that cause problems for us. pic6.pngNaturally kids suffer most since they on average take more sugary foods than adults. However, this does not mean that adults don’t suffer. In fact, more than 21% of adult Canadians do have or already have had periodontal problems.

 With these stated it goes without saying that we should limit our consumption of starchy foods. Many people know this fact, but few of us do take appropriate action. For our children, however, the emphasis is much stronger since it is they who suffer most from consuming too many starchy foods.

Brushing, however, has not been a problem for many Canadians. More than 73% of Canadians brush more than twice a day while 28% floss more than five times each week. For children, however, it is always important Dental-Care-in-Mexico-is-cheap-925x520to remind them to brush their teeth, preferably after every meal.

 Moreover, if xylitol, a cavity fighter is added to the candy, then the candy will be sufficient to guarantee cavity free mouth.